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Liquidity Today: Basic “Blocking & Tackling” Not as Simple as Before!

September 19, 2023


5:30 PM ET


8:30 PM ET

Program Description

Your perspective on liquidity management directly influences your margin and earnings, which the entire industry is fully appreciating and experiencing in the wake of the COVID years and the fastest rate hiking cycle in decades. As 2023 continues to unfold, and institutions plan for 2024, robust management of liquidity should remain top of mind for strategic asset/liability committees. This session will dive into the importance of dynamically managing liquidity no matter where rate and economic trends move from here, best practice approaches, as well as current trends, challenges, and observations from around the country.


    Cocktails | 5:30pm ET
    Dinner | 6:15pm ET
    Program | 7:00pm ET


City Streets Restaurant

411 Waverley Oaks Road





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