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On May 15th, FMS members volunteered at the Merrimack Valley Habitat for Humanity! With each home we build for our deserving families, we not only change their lives, but we change whole communities. Homeownership is a leading indicator in financially stabilizing a family, and just as important, it also creates an investment in the neighborhood where the family then resides.

"Ten laborers from FMS Boston removed concrete slabs, dug up tree roots, and dug post holes as preparation for installing a handicap ramp at a home in Methuen. Heavy lifting here! We burned all of the calories from a delicious lunch from local restaurant BaDaBing that was provided by FMS (Denise "Digger" Carbone). Our foreman, Dave Lee, gave us the rest of the day off after we finished all of the tasks by 2:00. What a team!"

- Steve McHugh

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